Welcome to Saisho, a personal project of Fire n Dice and a wonderful intro to Kamigan. Here you will experience this magical and hostile world through the lives of three of my most favorite characters:

     Nozomu - the young, brash, headstrong fighter; he's quick with the sword if not with his wit.
     Yan - the mysterious loner girl; she's deadly silent, but prefers to relieve you of your fortune more than your life.
     Ame - the cute and fun magic girl; she's clumsy on her feet but sharp with a spell.

These stories also serve as an introduction to Fire n Dice's upcoming project still in the works. What you will experience here is just one tiny little taste of a much, Much, MUCH larger world to experience. They teach you the very basics of the games mechanics and create a fun and unique story that you will get to shape. Each character will get a story, and by the time the third story is finished, I want you to have commented on the first. The direction Nozomu's story will go depends entirely upon the comments collected by the time I finish writing up Ame's story. And then the same will be for Yan, and so on.

What you will need to begin:
     A pencil, eraser, and paper.
     Three white 6 sided dice and three black (or red) 6 sided dice.

These stories build upon each previous story, so it's important to begin with Nozomu's first story and continue down the line. Click a link to begin:
          1."Blood and Steel"

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